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Process / Production Facilities
After your research is successful and product viability and market trend is established, there exists a need to “scale up” and begin production in clinical and later market volumes of your product. LS2 has experience in scale up for production facilities and in the transition from liter scale production to kilo scale. We have been involved in mammalian cell culture as well as peptibody production and can assist your process engineers with scale up, equipment selection, general arrangements and infrastructure development.
LS2 is experienced in the life cycle process that is process engineering. We can assist your team with process feasibility analysis, process development, process design, equipment general arrangement and systems analysis and sizing.
Our systems expertise includes:
• Mammalian cell culture
• Fermenters
• Bioreactors
• Aseptic process
• Biological and chemical waste systems
• Hazardous chemical storage and handling
• Emission control and vapor recovery systems
• Dust control and collection systems