LS2 was founded to bridge the gap for potential technical challenges on Advanced Technology projects. Oftentimes the Project Manager is faced with the difficult situation of discovering a technical design need that does not neatly fall within any of the Design Team Member’s Scopes of Work: examples might be the detailed tool hook-up for a specialized clean room device, or the common exhaust system necessary for a physics lab’s vacuum pump system, or some unique filtration device for delivery of a special gas or fluid to a critical experiment. LS2 has faced these difficult technical questions and has provided appropriate solutions before these issues become cost and schedule challenges.
Over the years, it has become apparent that there is a niche for providing appropriate technical solutions and technical consulting that spans the middle ground between laboratory planning and programming and building systems engineering. There is often need to bridge a similar gap between full process engineering and development and interface and general arrangement with architects and building systems engineers. This gap is most apparent in the emerging field of Nanotechnology, where many multidiscipline groups must collaborate to create new and often unique working environments.
LS2 works to earn an on-going reputation as a “go – to” technical resource for these specialty requirements. We work to earn a reputation as problem solvers and providers of correct, useful technical solutions.