John A. Burns School of Medicine
University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
JABSOM is a state of the art medical training and research facility dedicated to training physicians in anatomy, physiology and research. Facilities include chemistry and biology labs, anatomy labs, and an extensive animal facility. We participated in the design of the special systems to support the animal facility, including a unique sterilization system utilizing vaporous hydrogen peroxide (VHP), an extensive cage and rack wash facility, and a level three containment hood for handling unknown animal samples.
Detail One
The photo shows a glove box under test that is part of a special animal holding room for analyzing unknown or potentially dangerous samples. The hood has a special section to introduce the incoming package prior to opening the package to protect workers from unnecessary exposure.
Detail Three
This photo shows shows the clean side of the cage and rack wash area. The device at the right hand side of the photo is a pneumatic bedding dispenser.
Detail Two
The photo shows one of the VHP ports into an animal holding room. A specially designed manifold, electrically activated valves, and control system was designed to allow decontamination of several holding rooms at one time using portable VHP generation equipment.